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5 Things I've Learned From Skateboarding: Anthony Rahn

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So far, in my hilarious life, I have spent over 18 years on a silly shredstick. I have loved every second of it, even when you thought I hated it. Here's 5 things skateboarding has taught me and 5 things you better recognize!


1. Fs Blunts, learn them. I know your lazy ass can Fs board, so just ollie higher, stick your ass out. Did he just? Wow, im wet!

2. Transition, bowl , pool, ramp, whatever you wanna call it, will always be the most insane, there's no topping it. Danny Way was and will always be the best skateboarder and you’re just going to have to face it. Ok, Bob Burnquist can hang also.

3. Battles will always be the best. Somedays you just get that shit in you that doesn’t let you quit, even though all the buds have now become worried about you and your own well being. A good friend always wants you to get the clip, a great friend wants to watch you struggle and whine but then walk away like a fahckn champ!


4. Just go faster, you look stupid. A quicker slam has less “oh shit time" to worry about. Don’t let her tell you what's up, you got your rocks off, broke your old record didn’t ya? Pat yourself on the back.

5. It’s all about YOU. Let's face it, we’re selfish piles. Skateboarding is about you and only you, thats why we all came to love it. So never mind wasting time at your wife’s father’s sister’s funeral and enjoy this shit while you can!!!

Side note…

Good Grief!

The 187 Fish Video, GET READY!!!