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5 Things I've Learned From Skateboarding: Jay Fairman

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 Jay has style for miles, and is always down for a good time. Now residing in Arizona, he's been busy skating as much as possible. He took some time out to share what he's learned since stepping on a board.



1. Skateboarding saves lives. I lived in a pretty "shitty" situation growing up and without getting into details about it, I realized long ago that skateboarding is the only thing that mattered to me. Through all the fights and battles I continue to endure I`m grateful everyday that I made the decision to become a skateboarder.


2. Music. Skateboarding can take credit for all the music I listen to. From Graveyard to Mick Jenkins. I love how skateboarding can embrace all these different types of music.


3. Homies. Skateboarding is a brotherhood and I have friends from around the globe that I could easily visit, drink, skate, and crash with just from skateboarding.

4. Tranny. Tranny is the key to life! If you don't skate tranny your blowing it!


5. Traveling. Skateboarding has everyday brought you further and further away from your house! Get out and go on the road with the homies and go skate!

Shoutouts : Nhs, Cowtown homies, Sidewalk homies, My chick, and all the homies I skate with!


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