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5 Things I've Learned From Skateboarding: Sim Williams

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 Skateboarding and music is rad because they both take us on crazy adventures. Usually to places we thought we'd never get to visit. Hailing from Portsmouth in England, Sim Williams has been fortunate enough to have traveled all over the world playing music, and skating with friends. He's took some time to share what he's learned since stepping on a board.


You see things differently to what others do! To most people, a smooth 5 set without skate stoppers or a random knee high rail are nothing to be admired, but when you as a skateboarder occasionally find these little gems, it's like striking pure gold.

No access to an indoor park? Then you might want to find a spot under a motorway bridge or multi-story car park at some point. Growing up as a skateboarder in the UK certainly has it's ball aches in regards to the weather. Shitty, wet weather is every skaters worst nightmare. Some might say skateboarders know what heartache is from a very young age. Nothing would sink my soul deeper than waking up on the weekend to hear it pissing down outside! Knowing that our skate sessions would be limited to the pigion shit riddled grey concrete box which was once Portsmouth's Tricorn Center...


Traveling to America on a family holiday anytime soon?.. TAKE. YOUR. BOARD!! If not I can gurantee that you'll be buying a set up whilst your over there! That place is fucking made for skateing! I've been fortunate enough to see alot of the states through music and touring. But when you rock up to venice beach and your the only one there without a board it can be a pretty gut wrenching experience! Plus you end up taking a large chunk out of your funds for the trip because you "wern't sure weather you would have enough time to skate while your out there.."

It's bollocks! There's always time!

Don't take it all too seriously! Don't get me wrong, if your really keen on landing that trick you've been trying for weeks then by all means, put all your heart and soul into it!! But don't be that bellend who throws a squinny over a game of skate... It doesn't leave you!

Shred till your dead! That's it! 

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