We Like To Skateboard, And Start Trouble

5 Things I've Learned From Skateboarding: Chris De La Mora

FCF FTW1 Comment

1. Probably the best feeling in skateboarding is when you land a trick you put your body through hell. I try to transition that feeling in life with everything I accomplish.

2. How to face my fears. I rarely go to a spot and say "fuck it, it looks to scary", fuck that! The scarrier and crazier it looks the better.

3. Individuality. You make skateboarding what you want not what anyone tells you . Bring that same mentality to your life-style. Don't let anyone push you around telling you that that's wrong or it's not cool, tell them to fuck off!

4. Never give up! Falling is a part of skateboarding but it's also a part of life, so when you're down pick yourself up and try it again.

5. I've met tons of people and developed many friendships throughout the years I've been skating. Skateboarding really brings people together. No other feeling like hitting the streets with your friends with maybe some 12-packs and a lil ganja.