We Like To Skateboard, And Start Trouble

5 Things I've Learned From Skateboarding: Tommy Lyons

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Tommy is one badass mother fucker. He took some time out of his busy schedule to share what he's learned from skating. 

  1. Stepping on a skateboard is still as fun as it was ten years ago. 

2. Beer will never taste good. I don't care how many times Thrasher Magazine tells me I have to like it.

Photo: Mike Spizzirri

Photo: Mike Spizzirri

3. Do what you think about all day long. It's the key to happiness. Skating will never pay the rent, but mom will always have a basement you can live in. 

4. We all need a little more mischief in our lives. It's okay to be a naughty skater from time to time. 

Photo:  Mike Spizzirri

Photo: Mike Spizzirri

5. I'm no George Clooney. 

 Check out Tommy in the Grains video, edited by Kevin Delgrosso .