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5 Things I've Learned From Skateboarding: Trevor Manika

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 Trevor is an all around ripper on and off a board, he recently took some time to share what he's learned since he stepped on a skateboard. 


  1.) To persevere no matter what. No matter how times I slam, to keep trying because I am getting that much closer and it'll be that much sweeter once I land it.


2.) That I have a reason to live. It saved me from a real dark place in my life.

3.) That when I'm rolling around on that stupid piece of wood I'm happy. Even after the madness sets in I'm truly happy. There really is nothing I'd rather be doing.


4.) To just go for it and give it your all or you may get broke off.


5.) Confidence. From skating to giving a speech, to getting that girls number at the bar. That it's not bad to fail but it is to not try or give up.

6.) Skateboarding is that boyfriend that beats the shit out of you and no matter how much he beats the shit out of you and no matter what anyone says you crawl back to him loving him more and more.