We Like To Skateboard, And Start Trouble

5 Things I've Learned From Skateboarding: Ryan McMahon

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1. getting old isn't nearly as bad as everyone says it is. they're just not stoked on anything.

2. broken bones don't hurt that bad and bails can be just as good as makes. tie this into the big picture of life and you're set. so whatever, just go for it.

3. the faster you're going the harder it is for them to catch you.


4. support community. support local. support your friends. these people matter.

5. give your old skateboards to kids that need them, please don't make another ugly fucking chair out of them.


6. I've pulled a muscle every time I've stretched. don't stretch.

7. they wouldn't make 10"+ decks if you were supposed to ride a longboard.

8. in case you forget to pull out:

9. it's always better if you just do it yourself.


forgot one...

10. don't hate the people who are better than you at something. hate the people who think it matters if they're better than you.