We Like To Skateboard, And Start Trouble

5 Things I've Learned From Skateboarding: Chris Oleskiewicz

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1. Skateboarding is the greatest fucking thing on the planet.

Everything else in life has the opportunity to fuck ya over. Your girl is probably cheatin on ya. Your homies will talk shit behind your back. Your job probably sucks. But at the end of the day your board will never fuck you over, so go outside and fucking skate.


2. Style is more important then the actual trick.

I would definitely say style is one of the most important things in skating. If you do a trick and your style isnt there then the trick doesn't matter. If you do some ridiculous manuever on your skateboard and your style sucks... just STOP... Please. For yourself, and all of us, just fucking stop. Go get some style you carbon copy, robot ass, street league watching muddafuckka.

3. There is always something new to learn.

Just like life pimpin'. You're never done learning and even when you think you got your shit mastered, you fucking don't. So go do something different then the same trick you've been doing for the last 4 years at the same damn skate park... It's boring... We've all seen you do that trick before. Show us some shit we haven't seen.

4. Camaraderie

Shiiitttt this one might be the best of all. Too many good homies I've met through skating. It doesn't matter what ethnicity, height, weight, haircolor or how tiny your fucking dick is. If you fucking rip, then your a badddddd mother fucker, and none of that other shit matters. You can't beat getting a session going with a bunch of homies and everyone is vibing off one another. Jerry's bowl bash last month was a great example of that. Shout out to everyone who was there hanging out and dropping fucking bombs at burbank.


5. Go fucking faster!

Take your ma's lil Yankee candle that your using for curb wax, and throw it in the fucking trash. Take 3 more pushes and charge that fucking obstacle. Going as fast as your $19.99 bones Redd's will take you is by far the best feeling in the fucking world. If you dont think so... Fuck you.