We Like To Skateboard, And Start Trouble

SLACKERS by Trevor Manika

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Trevor gave me this sweet comic not too long ago that was bound by an old shoelace. Not only is it funny, but it gives an interesting look into the lives of two skate rats that start trouble.

Want a copy? Hit up Trevor. Can't find him? Start looking up at the writing on the wall.

Bowl Bash 2017

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There was once an indoor skatepark located in Tinley Park called Krush. I remember walking up the staircase and seeing the wooden bowl they built. But even more so, I remember dropping in attempting to hit the corners going fast as possible, just for the polyurethane wheels to slip out, sending me head first to the bottom. It was great.

I would always think about how nice it would be for everyone to get together before Christmas to hang out and skate, and that's where the idea of Bowl Bash came from. First year it went down I think it was maybe 5 people including myself just skating and having fun. Every year it grew, with people screaming and slamming their boards on the floor creating a racket. Kids would walk up to the deck of the pool to see someone going mach 10, and blasting airs. "Is this a contest?" they would ask. We would laugh and shrug our shoulders.

Krush closed down, and it seemed as the bowl would be torn apart, never to be skated again. But the people at Asylum skatepark had a different idea. They took apart the whole thing, piece by piece, and drove it an hour (sometimes 2, depending on traffic) up north to give it a new home. So I decided to give the ol holiday tradition another go, and throw another Bowl Bash.

Thank you so much to all the sponsors who brought shit to give to the attendees, and thank you to everyone who came out to rip. It was fucking rad to see dads bring their kids to skate, and watching them going for it. I cant remember the name of the young man who won the Golden Shovel (which was awarded to whoever had the gnarliest slam) but I hope you hang on to that bad boy.

Merry Christmas! See you fuckers in the spring. We got fun stuff planned.

After the jam I went to Demma's and got a couple good shots of The Studs, and general jackassery.


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Consumption. It's vital for survival, correct? But when does consumption turn into gluttony? Where do you draw the line of what you need, to what you want. I once heard a song with the lyrics "how much money do you need to give yourself the sense of security?"

I have no problem with what some people consider to be the American Dream: good job, beautiful family, and a nice house to raise your kids in. Pretty fucking rad that through hard work and diligence, one can achieve something. No matter how corrupt their municipal, and federal, government may be. Because I'm sure most people in this world aren't able to fathom such a thing. But the endless commercials, billboards, and Facebook ads that we see seemingly feel like you're being fed bullshit on a nonstop basis.

The internet serves as the most powerful tool as far as exchanging information in a world that only moves faster by the day. But even through most media outlets, you find widgets with advertising from cooperate USA pushing products that you may, or may not, necessarily need.

How many times have you been sucked into a black hole through Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, just to constantly see adds for movies or concerts?

 "Oh what's this? You recently looked up kitchenaid mixers on Amazon? Here's a quick recap of the data we've been tracking you with."

Kind of creepy right? Kind of makes it seem like maybe someone doesn't have your best interest at heart. Kind of seems like they'd do anything to convince you to buy their stuff. Like When you see your favorite band drinking monster at Warped Tour. But it's in fact water, packaged in a monster energy can. Seems a little bit fucky, wouldn't you say?

How do you fix this? Buy shit you'd support. Bottom line is that we live in a consumer culture, and you have to make the conscious decision of where you would feel safe spending your (or someone else's) cash. It's not a bad thing that you shop at target, hell, they have some cool shit. But when it comes to day to day interaction, don't bury your head into a phone, distracted by the constant bombardment of bullshit that will forever be fed to not only you, but to generations to come.


Buy a fucking shirt you selfish prick.

Stoked & Broke: Free Fall

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Here's a collection of pictures from the past few weeks. I wish I could figure out some crafty metaphor to compare skating to autumn, but I recently found an empty pool that needs some TLC, and I plan on making it skatable this week. So that's really the only thing on my mind. Enjoy the pics, and don't ask me where the pool is, unless you're willing to help. Fuck off until then.


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Super model


John used what he can find to hold this rail still


The OG Taco Bell gap


The manager kicked us out before anyone would get a trick