We Like To Skateboard, And Start Trouble

"Flatfoot 56 European Tour" by Kyle Bawinkel

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Sitting in Tiegal airport in Berlin. Waiting to be transported like cattle to our next plane ride to Dusseldorf. Pirated some free 3 minute Internet enough to see the cubs won there wildcard playoff game, yay I guess (I'm as happy as a sox fan could be I guess).

We arrive 2 hours later to wait another 3 hours for our bandmates and 6'10 to arrive where we will then travel another 6 hours by car to play a beautiful city in Bavaria named Lindau. Travel days can be full of moments you wish you never played music.

Then you drive through Switzerland and then think to yourself that you are insane for thinking that. This country always makes my jaw drop at the scenery. Here's some pics to prove my point.

Next we are off to Brescia Italy. We play our normal and rad anti fascist squat. The compound is named Magazzino 47. Best part though is always the food.

Pumpkin Ravioli

Then one of my favorite shows and highlights was meeting up in Vienna Austria to play with skinhead legends "The Last Resort". Never thought I would see this band because of singer Roi's history of being a pretty famous soccer Hooligan back in the day, and the U.S. never letting him the country. It happened though and gave me some excuses to bop around and burn some steam in the pit with old timer skinheads.

3 shows in Poland was awesome in grungy depressing overcast way. The land of Pierogies was what I was looking forward too though, and they did live up to the memories I had. I would tour Poland constantly just for that.

Then Berlin was amazing as usual.

We have our first and only day off of tour in Rotterdam where we checked out the city's center and flea markets. Of course we then had to take a picture with the famous butt plug Santa.

Off to st Petersburg Russia we flew from Hamburg Germany for our last leg of tour. It's always hard to describe the feeling of Russia to most of my friends. Growing up with disgruntled parents from Cold War through media outlets. I never knew what to think when we first played Moscow in 2011. Now the 4th time touring there. My love for the people in the country has grown tremendously.  

Inside the famous Red Square

Our crowd in Yaroslavl, Russia

So yeah, join a band and make music. See the world and give back.

In the words of Joe Dirt “Life's a garden dig it”


The highlight of trip though was that i spent a total of $50!

-Kyle Bawinkel