We Like To Skateboard, And Start Trouble

"How The Internet Fucked With My Self-Esteem" by Michael Craven

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I love Facebook, I've loved this shit ever since I said fuck you to “Tom” and made one. But I practically went through puberty on social media and now that I'm 21 and live on my own, I've come to a realization; “NO ONE ON THE INTERENT IS FUCKING BETTER THAN YOU”. And yeah, the internet is practically real life now so that should really say “NO ONE IS FUCKING BETTER THAN YOU”  I've spent a bunch of time lurking people's Facebook pages thinking “why aren't I more like that?” or “why can't I do that” or the saddest one “why can't I think like that?”


Listen; no one is better than you. Some people might post what a fabulous fucking duck they cooked last night, some people might post how fucking amazing their presidential candidate is, and some people might post a picture of themselves with one thousand fucking dollars. I'm not antagonizing these people, I think it's great you share these things you're proud of. I'm just reaching out to my fellow  basement dwellers and reminding you that you're just as fucking important. Whether you work in a factory, whether you're an accountant, whether you just sit at the computer in your parents house all day, whether you serve people drinks, whether you sell drugs, or defend people in a court of law who have fucked up (possibly because of the drug selling guy) or even if you cook that amazing fucking duck as mentioned above, you are so incredibly important and I just want to knock it into your meatloaf eating skull (and I bet your mom makes amazing fucking meatloaf).



Just don't let the internet make you feel like you're less of a person, because people who are doing great things, they're posting it on the internet for YOU to see. They're worried what YOU think, which makes you important enough in itself. Just fuckin live and when you see that dude tell him “that's a beautiful fucking duck!!!!!” and maybe he'll give you a leg.


The point is everyone wants to have an audience ya know? Everyone who does something great wants other people to see it. With that said, the kid smoking a bowl in his parent's basement watching his favorite television show is just as important as the writers of the show. Without an audience nothing would be created, which makes us all really fucking important despite whether we even think we're contributing or not. Cheers to existing and cheers to creating and cheers to supporting other people who are trying.


I just realized that was actually me trying to organize my thoughts on skateboarding, because that's what this was supposed to lead into eventually.


I've seen kids skating get super hyped because someone was clapping for a trick they did, and all it did was make them wanna try another trick. So let's all tap our boards to each other. Whether we're doing a board slide on a flat bar or throwing a hammer down at Cole Taylor, let's get hyped on each other trying.