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Out Of Step, With My Friends by Marc Mullaney

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Straight Edge. To some, a passing fancy. Maybe one or two of their friends are. Maybe they just heard Minor Threat or Youth Of Today and thought, "this sounds like a good idea. Im in!"  To some it's a joke. "I haven't drank since yesterday, im Straight Edge!"

None the less, for me, Straight Edge is the forefront of my entire life. It is the only thing I put my faith in. It is the only thing i have full control over. This world sucks and we can almost never control it. So it's  nice to be able to have total control over something.

Now if you know me, you know my friends are low life / south side scum type of folks. The kind of people who party till they pass out then get up and start again. A real good time having kind of kids. It's crazy to think that these fools accept me in their ranks. I've never once felt like "some sober guy" hanging out. They can drink all they want and I'll be right there with them with some diet root-beers. For some reason, somehow, it all just makes sense to us.

Brett Hartwell once said to me, "We all get fucked up, because we hate everything. You hate everything equally while sober. That's why we all love having you around." I may feel out of step with the world, but i will never feel out of step with these assholes.