We Like To Skateboard, And Start Trouble


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I first met Jerry in high school. I could barely Ollie up a curb, and here comes this weird skinny guy frontside flipping down gaps. It was one of those "holy fuck, this guy is good" moment when you notice someone excel at something.

Throughout the next few months I quickly realized how crazy this dude was. He would toss himself down the biggest gaps, when he slammed it was like watching a rag doll rolling down steps. He broke his ring finger once, completely sideways, and popped it back into place. Showed up the next day at school with two popcicle sticks taped on to his finger. 

One spring, everyone threw together 200 bucks to go on a skate trip to Denver. I remember driving down fire roads to our campsite, and going on an early morning hike gazing at snow caps on mountains so close to us. It was awesome. 


The last time I seen him was this past Christmas, we were drinking at a 4AM bar, rolling on the floor while the karaoke DJ screamed in panic. 

Jerry was a solid dude. He made everyone happy, he would go out of his way to cheer you up. He was a big hearted person and treated everyone the way he would want to be treated. It sucks I won't ever have the chance to see him again. But if I have learned anything these past few days it's this: love everyone around you.

Life gets hard, crazy, complicated. But life rules,  life's a ride, and we all will go eventually, so take the time every day to make it count. 

Til next time Jerry. Cheers.