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Addicted To Bad Ideas

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We all hit slumps. I'm guilty of it, and so are you. Think about something you wanted to do this time last week. Did you do it? Now think about the things you wanted to get done a month ago, a year.


I constantly have that feeling of "I should be doing something" stuck in my head. But what makes it so hard to do the things we have to do? Fear. Whether it be elusive, or staring you right in the face, we live in a life that more often than not, is driven by fear. 

For a few years a dealt with the fear of failure and self doubt. I wanted to shoot photos, hang with friends, and live life. But I was too scared to commit to the work needed to get where I wanted to be. Instead I turned to partying, putting things off, choosing procrastination over productivity.


I convinced myself that I was living life, that I was working hard and partying hard. It was a bullshit existence that I just accepted as fate, why fight it? I wasn't hurting anyone. 

A fight here and there, and endless arguments that I couldn't even remember the morning after. I finally realized that I was stagnant, I haven't gotten a god damn thing done for years at this point, and I was depressed. I just used the failure to dig myself deeper until I woke up in a hospital in a neck brace, not knowing how I got there.  


Since the time we are in diapers, we are fed a life of indulgence, a life of short cuts, and often sell ourselves short of what we really want to do. Look around you, you see it in a lot of people. Often times they're miserable, depressed, and not the kind of person you'd want at a party.  

The crazy thing is it's not hard to face the very fear that stops you, and bitch slap it right in the face. Fear will always be in our lives, it'll always try to hold us back, but we should always fight back. Write down a list of things you want to get done tomorrow, and tackle that shit like the bad ass you are.