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Block Party From Hell by Sakeena Avila

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The following was written by my sister, Sakeena Avila, about her past experiences at the Block Party From Hell



Our first block party from hell was the most memorable, not for the musical performances or the long lost friends that made their way to the white house that day. But because The Frantic's double ended 2 foot long dildo was the guest of honor. 


The party kicked off with the double dong slapping Asian right across the face in the middle of his bands set,  I think it even hit his cymbal. From there Double Dong replaced the bean bags in the bag tournament, it took pictures with various party goers,  it even helped some poor drunk girl hold her hair back while she puked.

But for me,  the HIGHLIGHT of that day and I mean ALL DAY was seeing the look of sheer disgust on my 70 year old aunt Rose's face as she sat in the yard with my parents.  "Come over for a block party Rose!  We're just gonna bbq and the kids friends are gonna be playing music!" my mom told her.

I haven't seen Aunt Rose since.