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BPFH by Tall Doug Of The Ridgelands

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 The following was written by the singer of The Ridgelands, Tall Doug, about his past experiences at the Block Party From Hell


I'm very excited to be apart of the block party from hell this year! As it being my 1st maybe 2nd time attending one of these parties. I may have it mixed up to the countless other parties I've been to at this house...if you have ever been to a BPFH then I'm sure you know the stories: bands, cops, dildos, that weird redheaded kid who keeps talking about his steel reserve tattoo, that Asian kid who is about to rap on stage after drinking well over 16 beers. It's all good fun!

There's a handful of bands playing this year and a few djs too! They might play crap you don't wanna hear... They prolly will, but who cares?!? Just drink about it and shut up. It's going to be a hell of a time. I'm pretty sure it's all ages (Edit: it is all ages) so don't be a dummy! Hang out, drink some drinks and be cool!

Most importantly DO NOT disrespect Jon's parents house or the neighbors houses, and as always... invite your older sister and her friends. Yer hot cousin and her friends, no one likes a dong party! Err... Maybe we do? I don't fucking know anymore!!?!?! Just show up and find out!!! CYA