We Like To Skateboard, And Start Trouble

BPFH by Esta Vivo

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The following was written by the singer of Esta Vivo, Ryan, about his past experiences at the Block Party From Hell


Where do I even begin when it comes to The Block Party From Hell? No, seriously, this haze of shitty racks of pilsners is paralyzing most of my ability to remember much of anything. Maybe the year Lil Chris showed up in mostly all denim and heavy metal hair extensions? Or bombing 103rd with Bart with cases of shitty beer strapped to our decks while being too underage for my own good.


The fact is, there are way too many memories to recollect and throw down on this thing for all of you to laugh and giggle at while you take a break from stroking your little dicks to some overrated porn (sorry for the inconvenience by the way). Further more, in the spirit of the whole thing- if you weren't there in the past years, fuck you. You shouldn't even get to know the shit that went down. 

So what I will give you is this: Amongst the killer music and familiar rad faces, some of which you probably thought were dead, and feeling that sense of just being 'home' (let's face it, the White household has been home for a lot of us over the years) the best part of The Block Party From Hell is the pure renegade spirit of the fucking thing. The reason we're all in this together, the reason why Jon takes the time to make it all happen: to take over. Make it known that we're here and we're having a good time, whether you like it or not. 

Taking advantage that this little suburban street gets shut down once a year for kids and families to take hay rides and stroke their politically correct egos about how well they're doing. 

Of course we would see the opportunity to throw a loud obnoxious party right in the fucking middle of it. Why wouldn't we? We're dirty. We're pissed. We have something to say. And on our watch, we won't give you the peace and quiet you "deserve". We're here and you're going to know it. 

You want my favorite memory? It's the core of the whole mess. What makes it happen year after year. The attitude. That's the absolute best part of it. The same reason some bored kid grabs a bag of concrete and starts his own skatepark under a bridge. For our own little fucked up paradise, even if it's just for one night. To raise beers in honor of Cardiel. To finally have a chance to fuck that one girl you've been dreaming about for ages. Who cares, it doesn't matter. Take it for what it means to you. The important thing is that it's happening. And god dammit you made it there, so come join the party or get out of the way.