We Like To Skateboard, And Start Trouble

BPFH by Anthony "Say That One More Time" Salzer

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The following was written by Anthony Salzer, about his past experiences at the Block Party From Hell.


CHYEEAAAAH!!!!! FUCK YEAAAAAH! That time is here again, and expect to get stupid white girl wasted at the block party. The first time I was there, me, asian, and teddy were getting baked across the street from Jon's. Anyways, the day was expected, good music, shitty beer, and bombing down 103rd with 30 racks on our shoulders, shit was mad dope yo.

It ended with us partying over at colins house where he banged my cousin, that fucking asshole. If you have never been to one of these, then kill yourselves, but try to go to this one and then kill yourself. If you see Jon's parents be sure to give them a high five and thank them cause lets face it, they are letting you be a drunk asshole at their house. C'mon how fucking cool is that?

By the way. What sounds cooler? Having a super soaker full of beer or a small kids pool filled with 211? Either way, I'm bringing a super soaker.