We Like To Skateboard, And Start Trouble

"Scoreboard in the Sky" by Sam Caauwe

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I'm not good at skateboarding. Never was. I have landed a kick flip twice, maybe. Aside from that, it was an utterly helpless adventure. I'd like to preach that "our failures in life will be the catalyst for determination to help us achieve our goals with practice and a strong will." but...nah..

The real beauty of skateboarding, for me, is what I learned. That its OKAY to suck. There isn't a scoreboard in the sky.  Believe you me, I've looked. When you spend your days getting knocked on your ass, you see a lot of the sky. What's great about sucking at something is the opportunity for new things to suck at. "I suck at skateboarding, I'm gonna learn to play guitar instead." "Well, I kinda sucked at playing guitar, so now I'm gonna learn how to make authentic Thai food." 

People with talent spend their time fixated on that one talent. If they are waiting for that big scoreboard to light up, they will miss the chance to suck at some really wonderful things. The guy who achieves his goals won't find himself laid up in some third-rate, scumbag hospital bed after getting the piss kicked out of him by a part-time MMA fighter in a Louisville, KY nightclub. That situation requires an awful lot of failure. If there was a big scoreboard in the sky, that's the kind of story that would set the fucker to ringing.

So, relish in your failures, your hangups, and your disgraces. If you don't make it where you wanted to in life...don't sweat it. 

You just kinda suck a little. And if you're not sucking at life, life's probably sucking at you.