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"The Storm" by Hal Christie

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After being laid up in the hospital from heart failure and a collapsed lung, It wasn't easy when Hal faced with the possibility of death. But he still came out swinging. Now at home, he recently took some time to share the following.


Sometimes, when it rains, it pours.

... and when it pours, it floods.

And when it floods, you start to realize every lesson on how to stay afloat may not matter.

Sometimes you realize that you can't prepare for the storm.

Often, nature prevails.

But in a storm like this, some can't help but think that you can defeat the disaster, one drop at a time. Because sometimes, even when the storm tries to destroy the land it rains on, you know damn well that you wouldn't want to be anywhere else on this planet. Even if you're not a survivor, you can stand up against the current -- you love & believe in the place you stand.

The storm may pass or it may take the best of you. But, in the end, chances are that the further you run, the more likely you're caught up in a different rain that doesn't mean the same to you.