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"Everybody Fucks Up" by Danielle Goworoski

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You are not your mistakes. Read that again, and again. Now believe it. We're not perfect, this world isn't perfect, nothing we do is perfect. You're not the night you got wasted and made out with your best friends cousin, you're not the 3 packs of cigarettes you smoked on Friday, you're not the fault you believe yourself to be because you let someone down before.

We are people and people are fucked up. BE FUCKED UP. And while you're at it, be real when you fuck up. Yeah sure I fucked up last year and broke up with my boyfriend and dated his friend and yeah I'm an asshole for doing that. But I am not my mistake. You learn, you live, you'll fuck up again, probably a million more times. Accept it. And God damn it, love that about yourself.

I love the people I love and am friends with the people I'm friends with because every last one has fucked up, admitted it, took a shot of Jameson and moved the fuck on. Don't let anyone make you feel less of a person because you have messed up. Keep messing up! That's the damn point of this life. Just while you're messing up, admit your faults and smile. And while you're at it, give the finger to the people who shame you for being you. I love myself regardless of the mistakes I have made. I know I have a great boyfriend who accepts things I have done and will inevitably do in the future.

I know I have shitty, amazing, insanely outrageous friends that accept me because they know they sure as hell aren't perfect. It took me 23 years to learn to love myself for my mistakes, flaws, faults, quirks and what have you. I don't have time to prove myself to others and neither should you. I like you for drinking that handle of rum and puking in my car then trying to makeout with my little sister. Keep fucking up and for those who can't accept you, tell 'em to fuck on.