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"Journey To The End" by Jon White

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I came to Kauai for a vacation recently, and was lucky enough to have some amazing people put me up at their place for a week. They've showed me plenty of cool beaches off the beaten path, along with awesome town festivals full of locals drinking, eating, and having a great time.

Earlier today was interesting though, we (me, my girlfriend Kylie, and her family) went stumbled upon an old cemetery near a beach with black sand. The cemetery itself sat on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean.

Most tombstones were covered in moss and dated as far back as the 1800's, way before any American was on the island. But it was apparent that even back then, the people who lived here knew of the beauty and tranquility of the land, as all the tombstones faced west looking over a cliff at the beautiful sunset.

I've been redlining myself for quite sometime now. Think quick, act faster. The constant movement and seemingly endless tasks blurs together and it sometimes makes it hard to see things in the bigger picture. But walking around the cemetery looking at the old crumbling tombstones reminded me that we all go.

I can spend my life working for 1's and 0's in a checking account to give myself a false sense of security, accumulating things I don't need that'll distract me from bigger things in life. But the more I try to fit in and go with the flow of things, I get a feeling deep in my gut that what I'm doing is wrong and pointless. No matter what we do, what we make, who we know etc..

Think of it this way: everyone and everything you know will cease to exist one day. That goes for your parents, friends, that stupid fucking job you hate, and so on and so forth. That bums a lot of people out to read, I know. But instead of fearing what is inevitably going to happen to everything, embrace the fact that you're alive here in the moment. Spend more time with those who make you happy, and distance yourself from those who don't.

There's no guarantee that you will have the chance to see another sunset, so get out there and take your life into your own fucking hands, and be happy.