We Like To Skateboard, And Start Trouble

"Stoked & Broke" by Jon White

FCF FTW1 Comment

Skate all day, and go to punk shows at night. This weekend was a fun one. Thanks to everyone who gave me a beer and/or bummed me a smoke. But anyway, here's a bunch of shitty unedited photos I took from the past few days. First up is from the Bad Co. Project show in Blue Island. The show was at a bar called An Seanachi, and a bunch of people came out to have fun and get rowdy.

I rolled out of bed the morning after and immediately went on a 7 mile run. My dad likes to sign me up for races (in this case a half marathon, and a full one at the end of the year) and tell me out of nowhere. After sweating out the toxins from last night, I picked up Corey to go skate before heading over to the city to see Los Crudos.

Now I'm recovering during this Easter Sunday, but already looking forward to skate and shoot photos at more shows.