We Like To Skateboard, And Start Trouble

"5 Favorite Records That Make Me Want To Skate" -Greg Harbour

FCF FTWComment

1.  Black Flag jealous again

This record cant be fucked with, its punk at its finest, its angry, driving, and lyrically super relatable.


2.  Dead Boys, young loud and Snotty

Dead Boys...  Its the perfect hard sounding 77 band that is angry and nihilistic, Down in Fucking Flames


3.  Decendents...I don't Wanna Grow Up

Side A is more straight foward punk with a snotty side to it, Side B is straight love songs, both sides are amazing depending on your mood


4.  Ramones...All... Need I say more?


5. The Ridglands, Daggers Down...Because I love you mike and Doug, I fucking love this record so much


Actual number 5. Code of honor/ sick pleasure split, it's perfect