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"Kickflips" by Mike Schultz

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I tried a kickflip for the first time in probably 7 or 8 years the other day. Stuck one in a couple tries. Well no shit...  Got me thinking about some of my first attempts at a kickflip and some of the first times I've witnessed one of my friends land theirs. That shits exciting when you're a lil pissant 11 year old, for me and my group of friends our progression up until trying a kickflip kind of went like this.

Boom you just witnessed skateboarding! Got one? No? Get one, save money and buy one, borrow one, get a hand me down.  Cool, learn to ride it now! It takes a while to feel comfortable on one from what I remember...  haven't thought about that in so long since its been second nature for me and most skateboarders ten fold. Anyway it doesn't stop you from trying to progress. Manuals, wheels in the crack ollies, shuv-its, and yes the kickflip all start slowly becoming possible.

Always seemed to be the first staple trick you should learn was the kickflip right? Ollies were only a trick when you couldn't do them, now you realize it's a fundamental and shuv-it's were kind weak. Couldn't call it a flip trick right? So with that mindset and your board in hand, you try them. In my past experiences it always seemed to go like this from skater to skater and it didn't matter if they skated goofy or regular.

A. They could kickflip! Yay! Congrats.

B. They couldn't kickflip but they could either do a sex change or a varial flip.(usually became heelflip kids)

C. Was the weird trick kid who did bonelesses, or casper stalls, or whatever other dumb shit. (Some progressed and are some of the raddest skaters out there, most quit)

Now I was a C. kid who figured out I was an ok B. kid. I thought it was cool being able to varial flip and sex change but I still couldn't get that kickflip. That lead to me figuring out I was good at heelflips so I've always done a lot of those. They just felt natural and I've always been turned off to kickflips because of it. Go with what you know, duh. So I just never really felt the need to do them.

But this recent revisit of learning a kickflip has obviously brought my ass down memory lane. Felt good to remember what it was like the first time I stuck one. In the garage of my parents first house. In the middle of the winter with a kerosene heater going. Grind kings (🖕🏻) over the uneven Y shaped crack in the garage.

The first kickflip I've ever witnessed was from some kid in the grade above me named Harley Bloominthal or some shit like that. Anyway I seen that at rocket park outside the tennis court by the basketball hoop. Then he 50ed the bottom bike rack rail. Don't remember what year it was but I was in grade school.

What was your first kickflip like?

Well that's all my rambling for now...

Don't ever quit doing something you enjoy doing, make time for yourself and you won't get caught up in society's bullshit.

Write and visit your boy Corey, county is just boring not a death sentence help keep him occupied.