We Like To Skateboard, And Start Trouble

"The Start Of It All" by Jon White

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 "The following is a short story I wrote about a skate trip in 2012. We slept in skateparks, pissed off quite a few people, and even did doughnuts in front of Graceland.

 I posted it on Tumblr hoping to write follow ups along the trip, but in typical fashion, I blew it. Regardless, enjoy this short story about leaving on a trip that lit a fire inside to say "fuck it" and do what I want." -JW


Plans are not fun. We all have that one friend who, in any given social situation, will damper the mood of everyone around them with their strict schedule of things to do. I myself, abandoned that way of thinking years back. Plans suck, plans make people tense, plans are just another thing that could go wrong.

That said, this trip wasn’t planned at all. Hell, we just had an idea of where we wanted to go. That place being New Orleans for Mardi Gras. In between the drunken haze of boobs and beads, we could maybe squeeze in some skateboarding in there.

The idea wasn’t well received by Matt Casey’s (aka Asian) parents.

“Where are you going to stay?” They asked, worried due to the fact that this will be Asian’s first time ever leaving the state alone on a trip.

“I don’t know, we’ll probably just sleep in the car or something.” He replies, sending the once adult conversation into a full blown argument.

For those who may not know Matt Casey, here’s a quick rundown: He was born in South Korea and adopted by his hella rad parents as a baby. Raised in the suburbs of Chicago he picked up skateboarding at a young age. His abilities on a skateboard are probably just as known as his personification off it. His exuberance, coupled with the fact that he doesn’t give a shit about anything on a normal day, made him a pretty obvious choice to come with.

The third guy to come with us was Matt Kijewski. A full blown, die hard, skateboarder. He’s been through some shit back in the day. Hell, he used to live at Hickory Hills skatepark for a short stint. Nowadays he’s been getting back on track. Me and Asian knew that he wouldn’t be able to bring too much money for the trip. So we made a deal with him, if he could bring money for food, and skate as hard as he could everywhere we go, he can come with.

I’ve been on the road before, from touring with The Frantic, to going on skate trips with friends. But this would be Asian and Matt’s first time leaving on any sort of trip. It was nice seeing how excited they were, days leading up to us renting the car and leaving those two were beaming.

Renting the car and leaving on Monday turned out to be a disaster. They swiped my card and I was about to handed the keys when the manager said he couldn’t rent me the car because I’m not insured. My dad made a few calls and sorted that all out. But when I went back to try and rent again, my bank account had a pending transaction from when my card was swiped earlier. I waited another day for the money to appear back into my account to no avail.


Short the money to rent a car, Asian said “Fuck it, I’ll give you the money for the car and you just pay me back when you get the money.” And just like that, we we’re off on our adventure broke, excited, worried. But most of all, free.