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"Ghosts" by Jon White

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At a recent funeral of a family member, me and my 9 year old nephew had a brief conversation in the car about death, and what he thinks happens when we go.  It was quite mind boggling to think that this kid who used to piss on me while I changed his diaper can not only grasp that someone is no longer with us, but can conceptualize on where we go once this is all over.

I've always viewed religions as more of a guideline than a strict set of rules to live by. But you could look at anyone's life and take away some sort of lesson, whether or not the person is aware of it. But death always served as a stark reminder of how we carry on in our own lives.  

"I think his soul is walking around, making everyone happy. But no one can hear him because he's like, a ghost. Yknow?" He says, as our family let's go of balloons, and they slowly float away into the blue sky. I told him the thing that matters most is treating people with love and respect. It's not always easy, and for some, it's damn near impossible. Bottom line is that no one really knows what really happens when we go, but it's totally possible to live in a place that some talk about going to when they die.

That place is right here, right now.