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Stoked & Broke: Zines And Loud Music

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Corey came to me with a pretty cool idea of putting together a small magazine of his drawings. We met up to shoot a quick cover photo for the first issue of Low Life, and ran over to the FedEx store to print them out. We both never used a copy machine, but once figured out, the whole process was pretty rad.


The next night we ran over to Blue Island for The Ridgelands show, ran into a bunch of friends and had a blast. 

The following night I went to Reggies to check out Flatfoot 56's album release show. It was so packed, and the crowd was a mix of punks, skins, moms, babies, and everything else you could think of. It was an amazing show. Shout out to The Crombies too, who put on an amazing set, and brought to my attention that it was Chicago's 180th birthday. What a way to celebrate.