We Like To Skateboard, And Start Trouble

Stoked & Broke: Dorks and Skateboards

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Friday afternoon I went and visited Mike Schultz of The Ridgelands to cruise around town, and scope out a DIY spot to build even more stuff to skate.


We picked up Corey and headed to The Fantplants record release show with Criminal Kids, Stale Phish, and The Mons. It was rad going to a show and seeing boards and wheels for sale, rather than shirts and cds. The music was loud and awesome, with almost every song dedicated to skateboarding.  

"This next song is about bombing hills!" 

How can you not get hyped on that? 

The Fastplants (photo:  Patrick Houdek ) 

The Fastplants (photo: Patrick Houdek

The morning after I met up with Sweeney and Tommy Lyons at a skatepark. We heard of our buddy, Folliard, playing at a record store nearby with his band The Railway Gamblers. Since it was also record store day, there was also sweet deals on all sorts of cool vinyl. 


Later on I was picked up by Tommy and Pat Barnas to go skating downtown. It's been awhile since I've cruised on a board late night in the city, and a weird sense of nostalgia set in. Reminiscing on tricks done at spots while watching these two try out things I've never seen.  


We went over to the House Of Blues to meet up with John Siorek, who was wrapping up a sold out show with his band, Knuckle Puck. While the crowd slowly let out, and people headed to their vehicles, we were across the street skating ledges.

What John was dealing with before meeting up with us. (Photo:  Jen Rose )

What John was dealing with before meeting up with us. (Photo: Jen Rose)


We hit up a few more spots before grabbing a late night meal, and hanging out. While John was saying goodbye before getting back on his bus he yelled "I'll see you guys in like... a month!" The road is a crazy/fun place.

Sunday morning led me to Oak Lawn Skatepark. Where me, Sweeney, and Nick met a group of dudes from Indiana looking for spots to skate. We took them to a nearby school to session a spot, and it turned out to be a blast. Never got any of their names though. Is a dick move on my part? Maybe. Still didn't take away from having a good time regardless. 


The one thing held in common with everyone I encountered this weekend was skateboarding. It was awesome to see the camaraderie between people who otherwise wouldn't normally hang out. It's a beautiful fucking thing, I tell ya.