We Like To Skateboard, And Start Trouble

Stoked & Broke: FYWROK and 4th Of July Skate Jam

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"Are you gonna come with us?" 

"Yes." After checking my bank account and seeing that I only had $25. Couldn't pass up the opportunity of a skate trip, and rad punk show. "Fuck You We Rule OK" takes place down in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Not the first place you'd expect a punk rock fest to go down. But it was fucking awesome. Good bands, great people.

The second day there we decided to hit up Hell's Ditch. I always wondered why it was named that, after being there for ten minutes I quickly realized while I looked like I jumped into a pool. I still had a blast regardless. Thank you to Doug, Mike, Victor, and Ryan for putting up with me, and to Tony and Michelle for putting on such an awesome event.


Came back home with little sleep and did a bicycle race with my dad the morning of 4th Of July. I keep forgetting that he's a triathlete and fucking mad man when it comes to that stuff. But finally got to take a nap after we got back. Woke up to messages of a skate jam going on at Nick's house.

"Fuck it, I'll stop over and see what's up"  I thought as I grabbed what I could, and drove over. Pulled up to people skating the back of a car. Not just acid dropping off it, fucking waxing and grinding the trunk. It was nuts! The neighbors were hyped, rewarding whoever was ripping the hardest with a beer, and blowing off fireworks while everyone skated.



Even in the turbulent political time that we live in, it's great to see people doing what they love, and seeing the lives they impact doing it. Til next time, cheers.

-Jon White