We Like To Skateboard, And Start Trouble


FCF FTWComment

Getting t-boned by a car sounds like a pretty nice way to go out. You’re driving down the street, singing along to Usher, when a 18 wheeler comes crashing into your door at 50 miles an hour. Just like that, you’re gone.

There won’t be any preachy eulogy of how you could’ve led a better life or stepped on the brake pedal faster. It was a freak accident that you may or may have not been secretly wishing would happen.

Dealing with someone’s death is pretty heavy given how they went out. Be it overdose, suicide, or even a heart attack. As selfish as it may sound, it makes us re-examine our own lives. What can we do to make sure we don’t end up underground?

People are creatures of habits, but the interesting thing is that everyone’s is different. Having habits can also be expensive, and sometimes, detrimental. Where can one find a piece of mind?

You may be at the gym 8 days a week, but still feel like the world is crushing you. Do you talk to someone? Work through it yourself? Or maybe have a beer, and a joint, to examine why you’re feeling down? Why stop there? Have a glass of whiskey, a line of cocaine, smoke another joint. What’s that? The sun is coming up? Oh boy.

It seems unreal that we live in such a gluttonous culture, yet still feel empty at the end of the day. I’m not sure where it all went wrong, and I would rather not waste my time finding the cause. But rather, the cure. In the meantime, I’ll look both ways before going through an intersection.