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Sound Affects 024

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While touring with The Frantic, I remember sitting in the back of the van playing a few of these songs while watching the sunset. That line of work isn't conventional in any sense, but I would try to remind myself that there isn't no playbook to life. If it makes you happy, do it. If it helps others, you're probably doing it for the right reasons.

This playlist isn't in your face punk rock. Quite the opposite. No bullshit, no gimmicks. Go for a drive, or just sit back and enjoy. -JW

Sound Affects 015

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Wyldlife - Deadbeat

The Stitches - Cars Of Today

Teenage Bottlerocket - In The Basement

Cocksparrer - Working

No Men - W.A.B.D.M.Y.C. 

Avantist - Tidalwave

The Orwells - Vacation

PUP - Never Try

Nirvana - About A Girl

The Ridgelands - Bored

Riverboat Gamblers - Victory Lap




No Men and Avantist have a really cool benefit show coming up. More info on it here.

<3 thanks for listening -Jon White


Sound Affects 014

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Here's a random playlist. Means nothing. Shut up and listen. - Ryan

  1. Lightnin’ Bar Blues - Brownsville Station
  2. Hey Joe - The Leaves
  3. Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man’ - Bob Seger System
  4. Get Up Offa That Thing - James Brown
  5. Gudbuy T’Jane - Slade
  6. Yes It’s True - Flamin’ Groovies
  7. Drunk Like Me - Dogs D’Amour
  8. Born To Cry - Dion
  9. I’m A Man - Spencer Davis Group
  10. Spanish Stroll - Mink Deville

Sound Affects 013

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I put together this playlist of songs with the intention of whoever listening to go drive around, and just get lost in thought. So turn this up, let your foot sink, and go.

-Jon White

Dune Rats - Bullshit (these guys have a new album coming out soon, go pre-order it)

The Offspring - Staring At The Sun

Green Day - JAR

Rod Stewart - Maggie May (the name of this site comes from this song)

James Gang - Funk #49

Jack White - Salute Your Solution

Buddy Guy and Junior Wells - Riffin'

Baron (Lemmy of Motorhead and Dave Lombardo of Slayer) - Stand By Me

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Up Around The Bend

The Clash - Guns Of Brixton

Tim Timebomb - Fall Back Down

Wilco - Jesus Etc.

Against Me! - Untitled

Sound Affects 012: Kyle Dekker

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"This is what i listen to fuck you"

Bone thugs n harmony- thug luv

Die Hunns - Love And A Molotov

David bowie- moonage daydream

Generation x - kiss me deadly

Metallica- whiplash

The nerves- hangin on the telephone

 Pete wing field - 18 with a bullet

 Ultimate spinach- some days you just cant win

 Motorhead- we are the road crew

 Satans rats- you make me sick

 Molly hatchet- flirtin with disaster

Sound Affects 011: Ryan Sweeney - Random Chicago Hip-Hop

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Here we find Ryan coming to the cold but truthful realization that he in fact has no idea where he is.

Here we find Ryan coming to the cold but truthful realization that he in fact has no idea where he is.

1/2 of Klim & Sweeney, Ryan Sweeney (local shithead), gives us a random collection of Chicago Hip-Hop to spruce up your lame ass day. Enjoy!

  1. Montana Of 300 - Computers
  2. Bump J - No New Ni66az
  3. Crucial Conflict -  Hay
  4. Chance The Rapper - Pusha man
  5. Chief Keef - Understand Me
  6. Lil Durk - Disappearing
  7. Do or Die - Do You
  8. Klim & Sweeney - Dat Hook Doe
  9. Lil Bibby -  Ballin
  10. Common - The People
  11. Mickey Halstead - Liquor Store
  12. Kanye West - Family Business

Sound Affects 010: Danny Barracuda

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Here we find Danny in his natural habitat. 

Here we find Danny in his natural habitat. 

"As the old saying goes: "the older you get, the more quiet you become, cause knowledge speaks while wisdom listens." But for some people, they'll always be dumb as shit or young at heart. So, listen to these jams and rip it up like a young blood. Skate a ditch, reverse DDT your roommate or bake a Cambodia dish. It's all good as long as you're being yourself." - Danny

Here's a playlist for you sad sons of bitches all the way from Long Beach, Ca. Danny has been sending me music since AIM and dial up were relevant, and is like a punk rock guru. He's truly heaven sent. If he were to be featured on a trading card, here some shit that would probably be on it.

Danny enjoys the following:



Vinyl Collecting


and most importantly, big booty latinas.


  1. Jason & the Scorchers- Shot Down Again
  2. Neil Layton - Hyperventilating
  3. Reigning Sound - Time Bomb High School
  4. Primal Scream - Suicide Sally & Johnny Guitar
  5. Rolling Stones - Rocks Off
  6. Hellacopters - Gotta Get Some Action
  7. Firestarter - Rocks Dead
  8. Babyshambles - Pentonville
  9. Flesh for LuLu - Sleeping Dogs
  10. London Cowboys - Design For Living
  11. Death - Keep On Knocking
  12. Only Ones - Why Don’t You Kill Yourself
  13. Jeff Dahl- Some Of Us
  14. The Hangmen - Betrayed

Sound Affects 09: Mike Schultz

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Fuck you music for fuck you people. Go skate. -Mike


Us bombs - Jaks

Circle jerks - what's your problem

Bad brains - don't bother me

The queers - I hate everything

Dee Dee ramone - I hate creeps like you

Blitz - never surrender

Discharge - ain't no feeble bastard

Ds13 - vi skatar dom där

Adolescents - no way

Gang green - skate to hell

Career suicide - you got caught

Black flag - spray paint

Aggression - intense energy

Ramones - warthog

Die hunns - skate away

The germs - we must bleed

Jfa - skateboard

Dead kennedys - I kill children

Millions of dead cops - I remember

No cash - skate or die

Sound Affects 08: Jon White

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Most of the songs here have the same theme. From the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows, love can bring a lot out of a person. But people learn a lot about themselves throughout any relationship. Whether it would be with a significant other, a friend, or even alcohol and drugs.

It's a driving force of the human condition, and no matter how good, or bad, the experience may be. It shows us a reflection of ourselves. A reflection that we can either choose to ignore, or change.

World/Inferno Friendship Society - The Velocity Of Love

Future Islands - Seasons

Bad Dreems - Chills

The Shins - Gone For Good

Outkast - Roses

Bob Marley - Is This Love

Wilco - Please Be Patient With Me

The Bronx - Dirty Leaves

Alkaline Trio - Mercy Me

The Whigs - KIll Me Carolyne

Arcade Fire - We Used To Wait

As Tall As Lions - Love, Love, Love

Jack White - Love Interruption 

Against Me! - Cavalier Eternal

Sound Affects 07: Chris Farnesi - Ideology of Bad

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Chris spends his time playing with his band Criminal Kids, getting an education and whatever weird ass shit dudes with big ass beards do in their spare time.

Chris spends his time playing with his band Criminal Kids, getting an education and whatever weird ass shit dudes with big ass beards do in their spare time.

"This group of songs loosely questions the theory of "bad" and who gets to make that distinction." - Chris Farnesi

  1. Wicked Messenger - The Faces
  2. Masters Of War - Bob Dylan
  3. Done Wrong - Left Alone
  4. Sinister Purpose - CCR
  5. Glad To See You Go - The Ramones
  6. Last Of The Steam Powered Trains - The Kinks
  7. Hate The Police - Riverboat Gamblers
  8. Trouble - Material Issue
  9. Please Please Please - The Who
  10. Silver Or Lead - Mariachi El Bronx
  11. Dirty Robber - The Wailers
  12. I’m So Bad (Baby I Don’t Care) - Motorhead
  13. There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner - Frank Turner
  14. Mixed Up Confusion - Bob Dylan
  15. Ain’t Got No (I Got Life) - Nina Simone
  16. Lucifer - Bob Seger System

Sound Affects 06: This Here Revolution Rock: The Clash & The Songs They Covered.

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PHOTO: The Clash photographed by Chester Simpson at a press conference in San Francisco in 1979

PHOTO: The Clash photographed by Chester Simpson at a press conference in San Francisco in 1979

In my opinion (that you probably don’t give a fuck about), The Clash should be in everyone’s music collection. Each album different from the last, all unique in their own ways while catering to just about every music genre they could have. Here we have a Podcast of the original songs that they covered from their various studio albums and singles collections. One of my favorite things about The Clash was that any song they covered, they made their own. No matter how wide this podcast is with different sounding songs, you can throw the clash versions all together and they all sound like they’re clash originals. Point and case, you probably didn’t know half these songs were even covers. One of the many reasons they were dubbed  “The only band that matters”. As you can hear in this podcast, from Rockabilly, Reggae, Love Ballads to Jazz they took a swing at em and turned out something bitchin' each time. You can really hear how wide their influence really was. Fuckin nailed it. 

 Whatever. This isn’t a history lesson and I’m no journalist. You wanna get educated?? go to fucking college ya dweeb. Give this shit a listen.



  1. Police On My Back - The Equals
  2. Brand New Cadillac -Vince Taylor & His Playboys
  3. Armageddon Time - Willie Williams
  4. Police & Thieves - Junior Murvin
  5. Revolution Rock - Danny Ray & The Revolutionaries
  6. Time Is Tight - Booker T & The MG’s
  7. I Fought The Law -The Bobby Fuller Four
  8. Pressure Drop - Toots & The Maytals
  9. Junco Partner - James Waynes
  10. Wrong Em’ Boyo - The Rulers
  11. Look Here - Mose Allison
  12. Every Little Bit Hurts - Brenda Holloway

Sound Affects 05: Matt Casey "Songs From Skate Videos"

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"Matt has spent a lot of his life skateboarding and playing music. While out skating recently, he brought to my attention how much our musical tastes were influenced by the skate videos we grew up watching. So he threw together a playlist, and even included the information on who's part the song belonged to, and the year the video came out. So grab your board, blast these tunes, and go get some." -JW

Le Tigre - Deceptacon / Rick McCrank in Girl's "Yeah Right!" 2003

Moving Units - Between Us & Them / Leo Romero in Foundation's "That's Life" 2004

New Order - Age Of Consent / Louie Barletta and Jerry Hsu in Osiris' "Subject To Change" 2003

David Bowie - 1984 / Arto Saari in Flip's "Sorry" 2002

Joel Alme - The Way We Used To Bed / Dan Lutheran in Van's "Propeller" 2015

Kurupt - Trylogy / Mike Carroll in Transworld's "Modus Operandi" 2000

Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard / James Craig in "411VM 30" 1998

The Stooges - Search And Destroy / Anthony Van Engeland in Alien Workshop's "Photosynthesis" 2000

FIDLAR - Cheap Beer / Pat Duffy in Plan B's "True" 2010

Ozzy Osbourne - Over The Mountain / Anthony Van Engelen in Van's "Propeller" 2015

Riding The Wind - Judas Priest / Mike Carroll in "Fully Flared" 2007

GG Allin - You Hate Me And I Hate You / Andy Roy in Anti Hero's "Destination Nowhere" 2014

Doomriders - Deathbox / Pool section in Thrasher Magazine's "Shotgun" 2006

Hank Williams III - Trashville / Chet Childress and Jason Adams in Black Label's "Blackout" 2003

Fugazi - Smallpox Champion / Matt Mumford in Transworld's "The Reason" 1999

Placebo - Every You Every Me / Mark Appleyard in Flip's "Sorry" 2002