We Like To Skateboard, And Start Trouble

Sound Affects 09: Mike Schultz

FCF FTWComment

Fuck you music for fuck you people. Go skate. -Mike


Us bombs - Jaks

Circle jerks - what's your problem

Bad brains - don't bother me

The queers - I hate everything

Dee Dee ramone - I hate creeps like you

Blitz - never surrender

Discharge - ain't no feeble bastard

Ds13 - vi skatar dom där

Adolescents - no way

Gang green - skate to hell

Career suicide - you got caught

Black flag - spray paint

Aggression - intense energy

Ramones - warthog

Die hunns - skate away

The germs - we must bleed

Jfa - skateboard

Dead kennedys - I kill children

Millions of dead cops - I remember

No cash - skate or die